Year 8 Option Pathways

As a school, our aim to ensure all learners are challenged and given the opportunity to excel in all subjects they study. Also, to make sure all doors are open to them when they leave Castlebrook in year 11.



There are three pathway planned by the school, the vast majority of learners will be in pathways A or B. These pathways are heavily focussed on academic progress and challenge as well as provided the best outcomes for all learners.

Pathway A: Will follow an academic route, with learners ranked based on their KPI 5 data in Science, Maths and English. The top percentage will be guided to choosing the Separate Sciences as one of their options or Computer Science as both count within the EBACC section. Learners will then have further choices to choose a Modern Foreign Language and History or Geography. This will leave one guided option choice.

Pathway B: Similar to Pathway A, but without the Triple Science/Computer Science compulsory choice. Without this, learners will have two guided option choices as well as the Modern Foreign Language and History/Geography option.

Pathway C: Is for a smaller targeted group of learners who may require additional support in numeracy and literacy through the ASDAN option. These learners will be identified and met with alongside parent/carers to discuss their options.