‘Attended Parents’ Evening and left an extremely proud parent!!  Thank you to all the staff at Castlebrook’

Year 7 parent

“We think your sports facilities are good.  We think you are a wonderful school!”

(Primary School Student Council member at our Cross Phase School Council meeting – November 2017.)

“It was an absolute pleasure to visit the GCSE PE pupils from Castlebrook High School.  Their intrigue about gender inequality within sports culture was clear, and their energy to engage in the debates was excellent.  I’d like to thank both the staff and pupils for the warm welcome and good luck with your studies going forward!”

(Andrew Sprake, Associate Lecturer in Physical Education UCLan)

“Thanks ever so much for the excellent induction this morning.  I have to mention that this is the first time I, and my child, have ever had such a welcome and such a great school induction!” 

(Year 9 parent)

I’m happy with what I’ve seen and impressed with the new direction the school is taking and the principles now being followed

(Year 6 prospective parent, October 2017)

“This evening has instilled even more confidence that this school was the right choice for my son. I am very impressed”
(Year 7 Parent – September 2017)

“Very informative and inspires trust in my daughters education”
(Year 7 Parent – September 2017)

“A very informative and useful evening”
(Year 7 Parent – September 2017)

“Thank you for your time, you have certainly changed my opinion on comprehensive schools.”
(Year 6 Private Sector – March 2017)

“Very positive staff and pupils. Lots of info and what seems to be good safeguarding policies. Very reassuring.”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“Thanks to your student representative who was very helpful when I asked her a number of questions. Credit to the school.”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“Overall very pleased with the information.”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“Great idea to be invited to an open morning. I am very pleased and now reassured. Thank you.”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“I was very impressed with the school. My daughter had a smile on her face after being so worried.”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“It’s the best school in Bury”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“I think this school is FANTASTIC!”
(Prospective Parent – March 2017)

“I would like to thank the staff who organised and participated in the Austria ski trip. My son enjoyed every second. He is finding year 11 very stressful so this trip came at the perfect time and was just the break he needed. The staff ensued the children were safe and thoroughly entertained for the whole trip. He has come back more independent and more confident so for that I thank them. My daughter can’t wait to go in 2 years time, so much so that she starts skiing lessons on Friday!”
(Year 11 Parent – February 2017)

“As you might be aware I contacted Student Services recently to see if we could get involved with Castlebrook’s Hate Crime Awareness & Restorative justice programmes. This week myself and my colleague sat with your Year ten “Hate Crime Ambassadors” who were developing a scheme to roll out their Restorative Justice training to the Peer Mentors. Restorative Justice is something Greater Manchester Police use on a daily basis to highlight to an “Offender” what impact their actions have had on their victim. It’s a chance for the Victim’s voice to be heard. It is inspiring to see Castlebrook embrace these principles in a bid to tackle bullying and low level incidents. The 26 pupils that volunteered to take part were bright, enthusiastic and motivated. They engaged with each other and participated fully in the role plays. I am confident the scheme will be a success as they are committed to helping others. It was a pleasure to deal with young people in a positive environment and we look forward to our next session with them.”
(January 2017)

“Super feedback from parents’ evening. We now have solid targets to aim for & will strive to do so”
(November 2016)

“As parents we could not be happier with her transition into high school – so thank you Castlebrook! Parents’ evening was very positive and encouraging.”
(November 2016)

“I attended the Remembrance Service at Unsworth Pole Lane Cenotaph yesterday and felt that I needed to write to you regarding the conduct of your students. They were impeccably dressed, clearly visible to all, and behaved magnificently throughout the ceremony. They were respectful, courteous and remained silent throughout. They were clearly moved by the event and acted as true ambassadors for the school. May I congratulate you, and them. If this is typical of how your students behave when representing Castlebrook High School then you must indeed be very proud of them.”
(November 2016)

“I attended your Open Morning with my daughter today. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your school and your students. The atmosphere was calm, respectful and purposeful; a real credit to you.”
(Prospective Parent – October 2016)

“After having attended Castlebrook open evening and further local school open evenings, I felt compelled to contact you. My husband, son and I attended your open evening and the first open morning. We were so very impressed by your open night: the clearly very dedicated and passionate staff, in particular your science and music staff. They are obviously proud of their school. Yes your Ofsted was not what you wanted and there have been challenges, but you answered all the difficult questions that we had to ask with honesty. However, you really have come out fighting!
On touring the school in the day, we were impressed by the pupils’ focus in the lessons we saw, the teaching is clearly very engaging. The learning environment is stimulating and demonstrates such pride in the school. The conduct of the children when moving around school was superb and allowed our son to feel comfortable in his surroundings with all those much older children. We got a great ‘feel’ from the school, the staff, the pupils and SLT. We would be more than happy for our son to attend Castlebrook and hope our application is successful. We hope to see you in September so that our son can be part of such an ambitious, driven school and all the successes it clearly has to come. Kind regards”
(Prospective Parent – September 2016)

“I feel compelled to contact you to say how much my wife, son and I enjoyed the Open Evening last night. You may possibly remember we exchanged words briefly at the end of the evening. In spite of not arriving until 7.15pm due to Harry’s swimming lesson, we were instantly made to feel very welcome by all we met. I have to say that prior to my visit I had some pre-conceptions of the school, based on its current Ofsted category 4 judgement, but it was clear from your passion and that of your colleagues and students that the school is certainly on its way back up. As a fellow SLT member and 23 years into the job, I understand how tired staff feel by the end of a long day, yet every department we visited witnessed colleagues who were energetic, enthusiastic and committed to the school. They most certainly did you proud! The student guides were also a tremendous credit to the school. Iman showed interest in both my son and my wife and I and made us feel valued and welcome. On leaving the school, Harry, our son said to me ‘So, now do you see why Ofsted is just a report? How great is Castlebrook? It’s not a bad school at all’ How wise children can be! Although we live in Prestwich and may be out of catchment, he is adamant that Castlebrook is the school for him and I would be very happy for him to attend”.
(Prospective Parent – September 2016)

“We were delighted with our daughter’s results but she also got so much more out of school life. Being Head Girl was a fantastic experience for her and has done wonders for her confidence. We know that she will always look back on her Castlebrook days with great fondness. Many thanks again for all your hard work and encouragement.”
(Year 11 parent – August 2016)

“Congratulations on a fabulous set of exam results! I know so many delighted learners and parents.
Well done to all of your team for their invaluable input.”
(Year 11 parent – August 2016)

“Could I firstly express my gratitude and reassurance everyone showed at tonight’s presentation !! The evening was very informative, relaxed and well presented.
I feel I have made the correct decision in sending my youngest child to Castlebrook High School, even though my elder children went to Bury Church. Secondly, my daughter is very excited to be joining your “academy” and I wish I was going back to school. Many thanks once again on a great presentation!”
(all quotes taken from parent/carers of Year 6 learners who will joining Castlebrook in September 2016)

“I have had both a son and a daughter who are past and present learners at Castlebrook. Their GCSE teachers so far have been outstanding; Mr Lamb, Miss White and Miss Ogden have gone above and beyond to prepare them for exams, as well as giving great feedback and instilling confidence in their abilities and providing a safe and happy school experience.”
(parent of current Year 10 learner and past learner – July 2016)

“I see the effort that the leadership team are putting into trying to improve the school and whichever direction the school goes in the future, I’m positive it will lead to whole school improvement. For this reason, I have no hesitation in sending both the younger brother and sister to Castlebrook in future intake and I know they will receive the same, well rounded education that the others have received.”
(parent of current Year 11 learner and future intake – July 2016)