In RE we have developed an inspiring range of GCSE Religious Studies
teaching and learning strategies that will allow your child to enjoy exploring the different topics, religions and beliefs whilst helping them to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the multi-cultural/ faith world around them.

Our lesson delivery encourages students to engage with a wide
range of concepts to enable them to interpret, contextualise
and analyse the expressions of religions and worldviews they
encounter with confidence.

We use the new Edexcel Specification which is detailed below-
Specification B (full course): Beliefs in Action

This specification enables schools to teach any combination of 2 different religions from a choice of 7 allowing teachers to build a course to suit the needs of the students and excite their interests.
Equally weighted components allow a focus of 50% on each religion and area of study.
Key themes and content are taught through philosophical and ethical issues relating to the modern world helping bring the course to life.
The choice of 2 components from a list of 3 will help us to select the areas of study to engage the students.

We are proud to have students achieve grades in this subject area which are significantly above the national average year on year-