Physical Education

We have researched the internet for the best resources out there. Please check out the links below to help your child prepare for their GCSE PE.

GCSE PE Theory
The cost of the resource is £25 but will help to accelerate your child’s knowledge in PE. This resource is a tutorial based videos that cover all aspects of the course in depth. Pupils can then have a go at the questions for the different sections. If they are struggling with any areas, ask them to approach a member of PE staff who will be more than happy to support them.
The above link is the revision guide for the course. This resource will allow support for homework and especially revision when KPI tests are upon us.
The above link is a revision work book which provides exam style questions and the answers in the back. However, if you would prefer your PE teacher to provide support when answering the questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Bring it along to the revision night!

GCSE PE Practical
The resource below is free and from the official Edexcel GCSE PE website. It explains exactly what is expected of your child’s in their chosen sports. It outlines the skills to be focused on and developed.

Study Support Sessions
Different years will have different support days. We encourage students to come along and get additional help with any aspect of their PE they may be struggling with. This may be revisiting work covered in lessons, help with homework or simply to practice something they have already been taught. The sessions run after school from 3.05pm to 4pm. If your son or daughter cannot attend on a particular night, please see the PE team who will be happy to accommodate them with a different year group. We also have a range of sporting clubs on at dinners and after school. These are provided for all but will enhance your child’s sporting prowess and enable accelerated progression. Timetables of clubs are displayed around PE, in the dining hall and in school classrooms.