Exam information:
We follow the Edexcel GCSE maths course code 1MA0. It is 100% exam and is made up of three equally weighted papers, all 1hour 30 mins. Maths is one of the few subjects which has two tiers higher and foundation.
Higher paper is graded from 4 to 9
Foundation paper is graded from 1 to 5
No formula sheet: learners must now all the formulae listed on the formula that is relevant to their tier of entry. (insert formula sheet)

Past papers: there are 6 sets of practice papers released by the exam board. Learners have been working through these in class and this it is vital that each one is marked and followed up.
‘Countdown to your final exam’ booklets-there are at least 9 of these booklets which are made up of GCSE style questions covering the key GCSE topics that are on both papers. Learners have been working on these on a weekly basis and vital for learners of all abilities to complete.

MyMaths ( )
This another excellent web-based resource that the learners can access for free. Unlike Mathswatch VLE this interactive and will mark the work immediately. It is very good for developing skills and understanding of a topic that can then be tested on Mathswatch or on a practice paper.
Login: castlebrook
Password: pencil
Learners also have their own personal log-on details if they wish to record their results.

Useful links:
Higher Revision Schedule
Foundation Revision Schedule
Circle Theorems
Formula Sheet
1 Minute Maths