Make Kyle Smile

On Friday 12th May, Castlebrook students bought green wristbands and balloons in aid of ‘Make Kyle Smile’ charity. The balloons were then released during break as part of the fundraiser!


Kyle Buckley is a 12 year old boy from Bolton who has Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare type of cancer that effects his muscle tissue. He has been treated successfully 3 times but every time the treatment stops the cancer returns and unfortunately his family have been told that the disease is terminal and there are no treatment options available in the UK.

There is ray of hope, however, as a clinic in Germany offers innovative treatments for cancers such as this that may extend Kyle’s life. However, this treatment costs in excess of £140 000.

Consequently, there has been a huge fundraising effort all over the Northwest area and Castlebrook are doing their very best to help. Money is being collected at school in the form of selling wristbands and ribbons, competitions and wearing green accessories on Friday 12th May 2017. There will also be a balloon release in honour of Kyle on Friday at break.

This issue is especially relevant to school as Kyle is close relative or Mrs Leech, a member of the English department.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness regarding this very important fundraising effort, ‘Make Kyle Smile’.

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Kyle with Mrs Leech