Students are encouraged to use the following websites to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject.






History Revision Practice ‘Making it Stick’

Students are encouraged to complete a variety of revision tasks at home and bring them in to the History department to have them checked. The revision tasks are to enable all learners to revise, review and recap key concepts, vocabulary, facts and events in detail. All History GCSE exam papers require extensive factual knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge within source based questions and extended writing.

Revision tasks may include; flow charts or timelines of events, key words and definitions, cue cards of key events, spider diagrams and mind maps, annotated political cartoons, pictorial revision guides, mini plans for questions.


History Study Support

The History department offer an after school session on Friday from 3.05pm to 3.35pm. The session can be used by learners to complete revision tasks, discuss key issues with a member of staff or redo work which needs to improve.