Graphic Products

In Year 9, Learners will conduct several mini projects that help to build upon skills they would have gained in KS3 Design and Technology. A primary focus of this year is to develop drawing and presentation skills as well as using all of the tools and equipment required in the years ahead.
In Year 10, Learners will be introduced to the theory necessary to succeed in the GCSE exam, which they sit in Year 11, and they will produce a series of promotional materials for a music festival. They will begin their GCSE Controlled Assessment (coursework) half way through year 10.
Year 11 will see Learners conclude their Controlled Assessment and prepare for the 2 hour theory paper.

45 hour Controlled Assessment (including a product and folder of work) 60%
2 hour examination 50%

Information about key stage 4 courses
Exam board: AQA
Course Title (and code): GCSE Design and Technology: Graphic Products (4550)
Link to AQA course information: