Duke of Edinburgh

Eight learners recently completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. It was the Final Expedition and they were assessed during walks from Belmont Reservoir in Bolton to Bibby’s Farm campsite, Chorley and finally to Walker Fold Farm, Bolton. They had to overcome hot weather on the first day, then rain and thick fog on the second all while carrying a large rucksack including; clothes, stoves, food, water, tents, roll mats and sleeping bags. They had to navigate (using various map skills) safely between various rendez-vous points where they met Mr Nurney, Mr Swan and Miss Sharp. Overall, it was a great experience and they were grateful for being chosen to take part as it gave them all a chance to develop leadership and teamwork skills. They all did well and all passed the assessment. Many thanks to Mr Nurney, Mr Swan, Miss Sharp and Chris from Bury Youth Team.


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