Child Development

Subject: GCSE Home Economics Child Development
Head of Subject: Mrs C Richards
Exam board: AQA
Specification code: 4580

GCSE Child Development is currently studied by learners in Year 10 for 5 hours a fortnight. The GCSE grade consists of 3 units; a written examination (worth 40%), the Research Task (worth 20%) and the Child Study (worth 40%). For completion of the Child Study it is a requirement of the course that learners are able to study and visit one child under 5 years old over a six month period.
The subject content of the specification is divided into 5 sections; parenthood, pregnancy, diet health and care of the child, development of the child and support for the parent and child.

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After completion of the course possible higher education and career pathways could include nursing (including midwifery), social work, youth work, teacher training, nursery workers etc.
This GCSE will no longer be available after July 2018 and we hope to replace it with a level1/2 Technical Award in Children’s Learning and Development.

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