GCSE 5-a-day Biology Practice Questions
Check out the links below to get some valuable practice in for your Biology GCSE

Study Wednesday and Thursday Support Sessions
Every Wednesday and Thursday the Biology Department runs a drop in support session after school. We encourage you to come along and get additional help with any aspect of your biology you may be struggling with. This may be revisiting work covered in lessons, help with your understanding of key concepts or Exam practice. The study support sessions are also an opportunity for you to re-sit any assessments you have taken in order to improve your results. The sessions run after school (3.15pm to 4.15pm). Everyone is welcome.

Year 11 Biology Revision
Log on to Showmyhomework for all your B1 core and B2 Additional information.
There will be all relevant PowerPoints containing information on each topic area. Revision posters condensing the information into bitesize chunks. Mindmaps containing only the key information. Exam questions for you to practice. Revision checklists so you can be sure you have revised the whole specification. These resources are all available to download, print or save and are accessible on your phone, tablet and pc.