Art & Photography

In Art and Photography we use AQA Art and Design and the specification number is 8201.
We offer a 3 year GCSE course in both Art and Photography.

In the Year 9 Art GCSE we skill build using observational study as a strong element. A sketchbook is produced as well as a set of edited photographs of reflective objects. Two A3 oil paintings are produced and these contain both hand drawn and digital elements. In Year 10 GCSE Art we look at the work of Tim Marrs to inspire us to produce a personal piece of work which is explored in a sketchbook and culminates in a final A3 oil painting. Year 11 is dedicated to finalising work and the exam occurs.

In the Year 9 Photography course we study a variety of Photographers which we then emulate. 3 course work sketchbooks are produced. As the three year course progresses we introduce increasingly complex processes. Initial work simply involves making images greyscale, levelling and cropping whilst work then goes on to editing multi layered images and incorporates filters and advanced skills. The exam is done in Year 11 and involves working in a sketchbook to then produce a series of final images. Photographers we study include: Karl Blossfeldt, Graeme Harris, Andy Goldsworthy, Bryan Whitney, Olivia Parker, Edward Weston, Man Ray, Sarah Graham, Harold Edgerton, Nick Knight, Eleanor Antin, Jenny Holzer, Ansel Adams.

We offer weekly after school classes. We also run full day classes at half terms and Easter.

GCSE Exam Results:

2017: 100% A*-C for GCSE Photography
60% Coursework
40% Exam (Project based)

Careers linked to these subjects are listed below

Accessory designer Coppersmith Interior designer Poet
Advertising designer Design director Jewellery designer Printmaker
Animation director Design strategist Journalist Production designer
Animator Event planner Knitwear designer Reporter
Architect Fashion designer Landscape Architect Scenographer
Art administrator Film director Make-up artist Screenwriter
Art critic Fine artist Marchand-mercier Sculptor
Art director Flash developer Marine designer Set decorator
Art historian Floral designer Media designer Set dresser
Artisan Food stylist Model (art) Silversmith
Artist Furniture designer Multi-media artist Teaching artist
Arts administration Game artist Music artist Typeface designer
Cartoonist Graphic designer Music editor Urban planner
Cinematographer Hairstylist Photographer Web designer
Colorist Illustrator Photojournalist Wedding planner
Comic book creator Industrial designer Playwright Plus many more…